Lifeline Online

…John Bradley is recovering from surgery.
…Dwayne Allen, son of Phillip & Letitia, is recovering from surgery.
…Coleen Williams will have knee replacement surgery on January 24th at Maury Regional Hospital.
…Mark Chessor is recovering from surgery for a detached retina.
…Steve Duke, husband of Tami, is recovering from eye surgery.
…Eva Marie Fakes, infant baby girl of Matthew and Jenny, is in the NICU at Centennial Women’s Center.
…Opal Roder, mother of Tony, is at the Life Care Center with a broken shoulder.
…Floy Gatewood, mother of Gary, is recovering at home.
Recovering from surgery or other illness:

Melissa Shelton, Ann Hooten, Mendy McAlister, Mary Helen Barber, Ketiva Lynch, Bettie Sparkman, Dorris Claud, Allene & Thurman Gordon, Bessie Shepard, John Ed Hooten
Please Pray For Those Who Are Dealing With Cancer: Gwen Rogers, Cale Baggett, Kathy Brown, Wayne Harvill, David Talley, Linda Truett, Jenny Teet, Polly Lancaster, Linda Mays, Eric Fuller, Terry Bradley, Beverly Grimes, Brian Olive, Jack Lowery, Lovada Burklow, Jennifer Kelley, Marie Bates, Henrietta Rochelle, Bruce Bowen, Susan Sullivan, Danny Bates, Jimmy Mathis, Susan Campbell, Bonnie Runions, Sheryle Elkins, John Beard, Melissa Barber Bryant
Parkinson’s Disease: Guy Barber, Reba Horner, Martha Leathers, Glen Earl Johnson
Lyme Disease: Anna Ingram Ballou

Home: Annette Barber, Floye Lyell, Hattie Delk, Louise Bates, Charles Horner, Charles Minick, Fronia Nash, Alvitea Sunder, A.J. & Willie B. Coates, J.W. & Sue Roder, Troy Parks, Raymond Truett
Nursing Home:

Life Care Center: Seth Armstrong, Georgia Moss, Pearl Mayberry, Larry Talley, Nellie Kalosis, Sammye Elrod, Bobby Breece, Jim & Jean Wright

Hickman County Nursing Home: Jane Luckett, Louise Hudgins, Annie Lee Whitwell, Francis McClanahan, Eltie Davis, Shirley Bryant, Sybil Jenkins

Dickson Health & Rehab.:
Jane Berryman