Lifeline Online

Please Pray For:

…Dedra Hoover received good news from recent tests.

…Diane Hubbs, sister of Margie (Dorris) Claud, will go to the Mayo Clinic on July 23rd and will have surgery on July 30th.

…Bobby Claud is in the local hospital being treated for an infection.

…Bobby Breece has minor injuries due to falling at the Life Care Center on Monday.

…Carol Gilmer, neighbor and friend of Robert & Sandy Bryant, is doing well following heart surgery.

…Tommy Mathis, brother of Donna (Cecil) Qualls, will have heart surgery Monday at St. Thomas West.

…Tommy Yokely, brother-in-law of Donna & Cecil Qualls, is very sick.



…We express our sympathy to the family of Danny Bates who passed away. He was the nephew of Brownie Mayberry.

 Recovering from surgery or other illness: Cathie Copley, Phil Shelton, John Orton, Diane Hubbs, Tommy Yokely, Dan Wallace, Dickie Wooten, Bradly Qualls, Tava Collingsworth, Barbara Parsley, Eric Pitts, Melvin Roberson,   Ann & J.C. Wells, Ruth Reece, Ann Spencer, Dorris Claud, Allene Gordon, Bessie Shepard

Please Pray For Those Who Are Dealing With Cancer: Charlotte Graves, Ann Lauran Plunkett, Jimmy Jenkins, Richard Breece, Barbara Beard, Susan Hardy, Ronny Pitman, Jack Wood, Arica Hinson, Ricky Pittman, Susan Irick, Joe Claud, Jenny Yearwood, Alice Coble Hobert, Claire Loughrey, Jimmy Copley, Gwen Rogers, Kathy Brown, David Talley, Jenny Teet, Linda Mays, Beverly Grimes, Brian Olive, Lovada Burklow, Henrietta Rochelle, Susan Sullivan, Jerrry Shepard, Jimmy M

Lyme Disease: Anna Ingram Ballou

HOME Frank Atkinson, Guy Barber,  Floy Gatewood, Glen Earl Johnson, Martha Leathers,   Floy Lyell, Alvitea Sunder, A.J. & Willie B. Coates, J.W. & Sue Roder, Troy Parks

Nursing Home:Life Care Center:  Charles Horner,  Margaret Smithson,  Seth Armstrong, Pearl Gordon,  Betty Claud, Georgia Moss, Larry Talley, Bobby Breece, Jim  Wright

St. Thomas Hickman Nursing Home:  Marie Boehms, Martha Bates, Jane Luckett, Francis McClanahan, Eltie Davis, Sybil Jenkins

Dickson Health & Rehab.: Jane Berryman