Lifeline Online

…Michelle Gilbert had surgery last week at St. Thomas Mid-Town. She is recovering at home for a few weeks.

…Jimmy Copley is has returned home

…Gloria Love, aunt of Letitia Allen,  is recovering from heart surgery at  home.

…Sam Gilbert  continues to recover at home.

…Jerry Nash is still struggling with low blood pressure and weakness. Please continue to pray for him.

…Melinda Devore, sister of Gary (Becky) Gatewood, daughter-in-law of Shirley DeVore, is recovering from surgery at St. Thomas Mid-Town.   She is improving each day.

…Lilly Durham is dealing with an infection in her foot.

…Bobby & Joyce Mayberry are having health problems and would appreciate your prayers.

…Mark Chessor continues to improve at home.

 ….Tommy McClanahan is at home.

Update on Gail Kincade, mother of Matthew:  She is currently recovering from a round of chemotherapy. She is staying in an apartment near the hospital preparing for stem cell transplant mid-late November, for which Matthew will be the donor. Her address: Gail Kincade 1700 State Street, Apt. 247 Nashville, TN.  37203

…Debbie DeGraffenreid, friend of Stephen and Lisa Dotson, is suffering with Covid.

…Barbara Parsley continues to recover at home.























Home: Jimmy Jenkins, Claudine Morrison, Robert & Marge Gilmer, Mildred Bridges,  Dorris & Margie Claud, Floy Gatewood, Floy Lyell,   A.J. & Willie B. Coates,  J.W. & Sue Roder, Troy Parks

Recovering from surgery or other illness:

 Norma Aydelott, Lauryn Harrison,  Dot Dickens, Jana Yarbrough, David Frost, Sandy McFarlin, John Plemmons, Jr.,  Jesse Seagraves,  Aubrey Dickens, Felicia Roberson, Alden Chilton, Wanda Dotson,  Reba Horner, Kathy McDonald, Bobby & Joyce Mayberry, Dan Elkins, Kitty Pharris, Ann & J.C. Wells, Ruth Reece, Ann Spencer

Hospice: Bobbie June Kittrell

Please Pray For Those Who Are Dealing With  Cancer:  Dorris Claud,  Terry James, Susan Crownover, Diane Hubbs, Steve Higginbotham, George Benson, Everett Kelley, Chris Jenkins, Thomas Gaines, Colleen Polk, Michael McCarley,  Allan Newton, Charles Cantrell,  George Peterson, Cletus Carroll, Lonnie Gilliam, Elizabeth Givens, Phil Shelton, Ann Lauran Plunkett, Jimmy Jenkins, Susan Hardy, Jimmy Copley, Gwen Rogers, David Talley, Jerry Shepard, Jimmy Mathis