Lifeline Online

Please Pray For: 


…Mrs. L.T. Aydelott, mother of James (June) is recovering at the Life Care Center.
…Carolyn Valdovinos, infant granddaughter of George & Cindy Garland, has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and will be wearing a temporary hip brace for a while.
…Lonnie Gilliam continues to take treatments for cancer.

…Dorris Claud has several stitches in his head due to falling at home. 
…George Peterson, father of Lesley Hudgins, has inoperable metastatic melanoma and is receiving immunotherapy.
…Martha Leathers is struggling with Parkinsons’ disease.

…Fay Burton is recovering from a heart procedure at home.
…Melvin Roberson’s knee surgery has been postponed.   
…Dean Bates is scheduled for surgery for colon cancer at St. Thomas Mid-Town. 

...Marie Bradley, mother of John (Debbie), will have heart valve replacement surgery Friday at St. Thomas West. 

…Mayhue Koellein is dealing with cancer and would appreciate cards. His address is: 928 Nancy Shaw Road, Dickson, TN. 37033

Home:  Mildred Bridges, Dorris Claud, Floy Gatewood, Martha Leathers, Floy Lyell, Alvitea Sunder, A.J. & Willie B. Coates, J.W. & Sue Roder, Troy Parks

Recovering from surgery or other illness: Roy Cochran, Dean Bates, Jamie Stoltz, Grace Pinkerton, Kim Jenkins, Barbara Dawes, Betty & Guy Ward Davidson, Jimmy Gilbert, Dan Elkins, Floy Lyell, Kitty Pharris, Alden Chilton, Ann & J.C. Wells, Ruth Reece, Ann Spencer, Allene Gordon
Please Pray For Those Who Are Dealing With Cancer: Terry James, Tommy Tankersley, Warren Potts, Sandy Bagwell, Diane Hubbs, Bob Warren, Phil Shelton, Ann Lauran Plunkett, Jimmy Jenkins, Susan Hardy, Ronny Pitman, Ricky Pittman, Jenny Yearwood, Jimmy Copley, Gwen Rogers, David Talley, Beverly Grimes, Brian Olive, Henrietta Rochelle, Susan Sullivan, Jerry Shepard, Jimmy Mathis, John Beard
Lyme Disease: Anna Ingram Ballou

 Jane Berryman: Dickson Health & Rehab. 901 N. Charlotte St. Dickson, TN. 37055

Bobbie June Kittrell: 8353 Highway 100 Apt. 102 Nashville, Tennessee 37221

Nursing Home: Life Care Center: Bobby Breece, Seth Armstrong, Pearl Gordon, Betty Claud, Georgia Moss, Addie Bell Nash,  Larry Talley

St. Thomas Hickman Nursing Home:  Martha Bates, Jane Luckett, Francis McClanahan, Eltie Davis, Sybil Jenkins