The Lighthouse is a ministry that was started towards the end of 2009.  It was a dream started many years ago and finally accomplished through the work of our young people.  The Lighthouse is simply a place for Jr. and Sr. High students to come and be around Christian people in a Christian environment.  It is open every other Wednesday night from 5p to 7p, with Bible class from 7p-8p.  Dinner is served at the Lighthouse  which is free to all Jr. and Sr. High students. Adults volunteer to host the Lighthouse and fix the meals.

The Lighthouse consist of ping pong tables, board games, playstation, Wii, xbox, board games, tv on multiple television screens, DVD movies, foos ball, air hockey, and plenty of places to just sit and hang out.  The Lighthouse has continued to grow all through donations since it’s opening date and we pray that it will continue to be a comfortable place for visitors to come and learn more about God.  The Lighthouse is also open on different nights throughout the school year for different occasions.  You can check the church bulletin and our facebook page for those available nights.  If you would like to host the Lighthouse, please contact the youth office or through email at