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May 31, 2023
Volume XXXXIII –Number 19

Summer is upon us! The Memorial Day weekend has become the official start of the vacation season. Many will make preparation to head to a favorite place for some family fun with the kids or just some good old rest and relaxation (Post kids on that one). Whatever your plans may be I pray that you have a safe and fun summer. As you are planning your trip, making sure every detail is worked out and the packing list is complete, you always ask yourself, ‘Did I forget anything?’ At least with me, I always somehow manage to forget something even after Renee has reminded me several times about it. Shoes, sunglasses, meds (comes with age) and such…There’s one thing I never forget, and I hope you don’t as well. Don’t forget to take God! Plan time for God on your vacation! I always take Him with me and include Him in my trip. I take my prayer life with me, my Bible reading with me and most certainly I plan where I will stop to worship Him (in person, not on-line. Hebrews 10:25) should I be traveling on Sunday. As great and wonderful as a vacation is it really isn’t possible without Him. For He has blessed us with all good things.

So, as you’re planning and packing for that summer trip, and the question is asked ‘Did we forget anything?’ Make sure that something is not God. Though we are on vacation, that does not give us the right to leave God at home. Take your prayer life with you, take your bible study time with you and certainly include worship on Sunday. Did you forget anything? I pray that you have a safe, relaxing time this summer on your vacation! God Bless, Todd

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