Outreach Ministries

Services are conducted at both of the Centerville Nursing Homes (Life Care Center and Hickman Community) on Sunday Mornings at 11:00 and also held on Wednesday Nights. Men of the Centerville Congregation lead the services and serve the Lord’s Supper on Sunday mornings. You may contact the church office for more information.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

-Matthew 28:19-20

A van runs routes for every services. Those wishing transportation can contact the church office at (931)729-4201. This will let the drivers know where riders may be picked-up.


The Kittrell Bus Garage was constructed to protect the bus and van in 2001. It is also used for various other events such as Vacation Bible School. A beautiful garden area, parking lot and entrance has been adjoined to the Kittrell Garage. There is also a meditation garden overlooking the river that is perfect for a time of thought or even a picnic. The parking lot has added 80 plus spaces to our parking and a lot of beauty to our landscape. The gardens, paving, and beautification is being developed through the love and generosity of the Kittrell family.

Assistance is provided to the needy in the form of food, sundries, clothing, bedding, and fuel.  The food pantry is always stocked full and many food boxes are prepared and distributed daily.  Also, food boxes are prepared and distributed in conjunction with St. Thomas Hickman Hospital.  Clothing requests are filled annually for more than 6,000 persons with most clothing needs being met through coordination of “Shop til it Stops,” the Women are Safe clothing store on the Centerville Square. Support groups meet regularly as well as various receptions, bereavement meals, and special training seminars in our facilities. Meals-on-Wheels is delivered each Wednesday.

From The January 6, 2016 Messenger…”Several years ago, one family decided to turn a tragedy into a blessing for other families which became known as the Hope House. The Hope House became a temporary residence for those who were victims of house fires, home displacement, and even for those impacted by the May 2010 floods.

Since 2010 the Hope House has been in the state of transition. As we turn the page to the new year, so do we turn the key and open the door of the Hope House to a new ministry, which comes to us by way of another families pain turned into possibility. The Hope House will be the host location for the Davis House, a Child advocacy group based in Williamson County with a neighboring location in Lewis County. The Davis House makes it their mission to intervene in the lives of children and families when issues of violence abuse or other domestic related tragedies have impacted the life of a child.

The Davis House and their skilled trained workers who coordinate with law-enforcement officials will finally have A resource permanently located in Hickman County because of the open doors of the Hope House. Our lease agreement with this great organization (the total of one U.S. dollar per year) will provide a home where children and families can receive the benefit of their services and find hope once again. Greater details will come in the following days, but for now we can rejoice and be glad that our reach into a community we love continues to impact the lives of many and through the work of “all things” we see the goodness of our God (Romans 8:28).”

Some facts about the Hope House…

**–East Swan Street, adjoining the Outreach Center.

**–Purchase price given by nine families.

**–Property given in memory of Morrell Gossett Rochelle, mother of Linda Shelton and Shelley Dickens. Grandmother of Chad Shelton and Craig Shelton. Also grandmother to Amanda Dickens and Skylar Henry. And a sister of Douglas Gossett.

**–A valuable piece of property for future growth and service.

MARCH 30, 2003

Thanks to the many individuals, families, and business that made this house possible. Through hard work, donations, and support, these are the ones that have made this house a reality:

Charles & Linda Shelton, Craig & Misty Shelton, Teryl & Melanie Freeman, Chug & Johnnie Ruth Elrod, Mike & Ridonna Goodpasture, Wayne & Jean Qualls, Bill & Joy McDonald, David & Kathy Brown, Paul & Judy Rogers, Charlie & Anita Arnold, Alfred & Coleen Williams, Brian & Sandy Qualls, Marty & Robin Smith, Patsy Copley, Lloyd Rochelle, Mike Rochelle, Don Deweese, Jerrie Barber, Phil Griggs, Paul & Liz Bryant, Douglas & Agnes Gossett, Joe & Rita Van Dyke, Ruth Davis, Darla Hurd, Jan Spurlock, Bobby & Joyce Mayberry, Terry Hailey, Jonathan Arnold, Annis Womack, Susan Womack, John & Suzette Boehms, Bobby & Mary Katherine Bates, Greg & Karen McCord, Gary Beard Family, Brian Fowlkes Family, Smithson’s Florest, Tiller Furniture, Furniture Warehouse Sales, Freeman Building Supply, Prince Hardware, Preston Thompson