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Our Youth Ministry

This Ministry is divided up into four natural dividing groups. Our Sparks (2nd grade and under) & Intermediates (3rd-5th),  Junior High (6th-8th Grades) and our Senior High (9th-12th Grades). With each age group we try to develop young people into life-long servants of Christ, placing importance on family, and re-emphasizing the values and morals taught at home. We do not attempt to raise these young people, but help the parents bring up their children following the Lord while helping support the values the parents are teaching. The following lists what we hope to achieve in each age at each level and several of the activities for each group.

Sparks: 2nd Grade and Under


To familiarize them with being together, playing, and worshipping as a group. To help them become involved at an early age (a spark) and instill the importance for them to be a part of a youth group.  Teachings on Biblical basics.


At least once a month, include; Kite flight / Cookout, Movie trips, Fun in the Park, Hay rides, etc.

Intermediates: 3rd - 5th Grades


To develop group thinking(the body).  Working together, focusing on serving, and understanding being a Christian.  Important teaching on baptism, God, Jesus, friends,  and other Bible basics.


At least once a month include; Movies, game days, seasonal activities and most of the time are together with the Sparks.

Junior High: 6th - 8th Grades


To continue group thinking (the body). Important teaching on baptism, peers, self-esteem, parents, and going from milk to meat in the Bible. The 8th Grade will interact with the Senior High on occasion to make the Junior High to Senior High transition go as smooth as possible.


At least 3 events a month, include; Servant Saturday, Junior High Retreat, Lock-ins, Youth Rallies, Firesides (devotionals), Trips (movies, shopping, etc..) Lighthouses (Wednesday night dinner then devo.), Bring a Friend movie nights, plus several of the activities listed below with or that the Senior High does too.. etc.

Senior High: 9th - 12th Grades


To place emphasis on the thought process of being one, being involved, and helping others do the same which began from the Sparks age and has been carried on up. To develop a life-long commitment to God. To deal with different issues they face along with tougher Biblical questions to make them think for themselves and stand on their on two feet. To question who they are and why. To make them each peer ministers, through service, love and dedication to God and others.


At least four to five a month include; Servant Projects (work days), Senior High Retreat / Senior Spotlight Retreat, Monthly Prayer Breakfast (devotional and breakfast before school), Firesides (devotionals), Lighthouses (Wednesday night dinner then devo.) Area-Wide Youth Devotionals, Work Camp (painting, mowing, helping those in need), Cincinnati Blast (school’s out growth Trip),  Mission Trips (conduct a week long V. B. S., door knocking, encouragement), 5th Quarters (a place to go after Friday night home ballgames; food, fun, and fellowship), Holiday Events; Progressive Dinner (appetizers, Main course, desserts at different homes in December), Fright Night (hayride, devotional in October), etc., LazerQuest Lock-in, Golden Age Banquet (honoring our Senior citizens) Senior Honors Day (honor seniors with ceremony after evening services), Bowling, SOUPer Bowl party (collect soup for our Outreach Center), Youth Rallies, Christian School visits, etc.

Extra Activities For All Different Ages

These are for different ages provided through the Youth Ministry and the congregation; Children’s Bible Hour (4th Grade and under on Sunday nights, their own special lesson), 4 weeks of summer camp at Camp Meribah (different weeks ranging from ages 4 to 18), Camp Snowball (same as regular camp, just during Christmas break in December), Camp Kerusso / DOTK-Daughters of the King (separate training camps for the boys and girls to teach leadership and responsibilities), Timothy / Tabitha Classes (training for the young ladies on women’s roles, women of the Bible, and special issues for girls. For young men, men’s roles, men of the Bible, and special issues for guys. 6th Grade and up, for 3 months on Wednesday nights), Worship Services led by Young men.