Our congregation is dedicated to serving young people and their families. Our youth program provides a wide variety of activities for children of all ages with the purpose of helping students grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially, just as the Bible teaches that Jesus grew in Luke 2:52. It is our intent to help young people and families feel encouraged and equipped to live a life faithfully serving the Lord.

Our Youth Ministry is divided up into four natural dividing groups. Our Sparks (2nd grade and under) & Intermediates (3rd-5th), Junior High (6th-8th Grades), and our Senior High (9th-12th Grades). It is our goal with each group to provide specifically tailored classes, events, and opportunities for children to grow while placing importance on family, community, and discipleship.

October 20, 2021
Carter's Corner

FALL WEATHER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED in Centerville just in time for all of our upcoming Fall activities. I trust that everyone enjoyed the week off last week with your families for Fall Break, and I hope that you are rested, recovered, and excited to finish 2021 out strong!

THE HAUNTED HAYRIDEis scheduled for this Saturday night, October 23rd. We will meet at Fish Camp at 9:00 pm for snacks and hot chocolate, and then load up onto our hayride for our fun for the evening. This event is for all Jr. & Sr. High students. Remember to dress accordingly to ride on the hayride in the cooler night temperatures. Invite your friends and come prepared for a night of scary fun!

PLANS ARE IN THE WORKS FOR HALLOWEEN UNDER THE HILL.Philip Jacobs and I began going around to Sunday School classes this past Sunday to recruit help for three main areas: 1. We need plenty of helpers to decorate cars for Trunk or Treat and bring candy to pass out. 2. We need volunteers to help set up a scene on our "Schmooky Trail." 3. We need volunteers to help set up a craft, activity, or food stop along the Trunk or Treat path. There is a sign-up list now in the lobby for people to sign up to help in these areas.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR UPCOMING FATHER/SON WEEKEND AND SKEET SHOOTcoming up November 5 & 6. This should be a great weekend for fathers & sons to be encouraged and spend time together. There is a sign-up list in the lobby with more information for this event. Please note that while this event is titled a "Father & Son Weekend," I also want to make sure that all the men of our congregation are welcome to attend. We want to make sure that any men who do not have sons or any young men whose fathers can't attend that weekend still know that they are invited to take part in our activities. The cost is $15 per person or $30 per family which will help to cover the cost of two meals and the clay targets for the shoot. If you have any questions, feel free to see me.

"IT'S NOT WHAT YOU SAY, BUT HOW YOU SAY IT."Have you ever heard this phrase before? To a certain degree, this expression holds a lot of truth. Many of us have at times found ourselves in a situation where our tongue and our tone are out of sync with each other. We need to remember that as Christians, how we say what we say can matter a great deal when we interact with others. Remember this week to let your words be seasoned with salt, and remember the wisdom of Proverbs 15:4, "gentle words are the tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit." Have a great week! Go Braves!

In Him, Carter

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