Our congregation is dedicated to serving young people and their families. Our youth program provides a wide variety of activities for children of all ages with the purpose of helping students grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially, just as the Bible teaches that Jesus grew in Luke 2:52. It is our intent to help young people and families feel encouraged and equipped to live a life faithfully serving the Lord.

Our Youth Ministry is divided up into four natural dividing groups. Our Sparks (2nd grade and under) & Intermediates (3rd-5th), Junior High (6th-8th Grades), and our Senior High (9th-12th Grades). It is our goal with each group to provide specifically tailored classes, events, and opportunities for children to grow while placing importance on family, community, and discipleship.

January 12, 2022
Carter's Corner

OUR FALL SEMESTER OF YOUTH ACTIVITIES begins this week, and I am excited to begin another year with our students. A new school year is always a new beginning in youth ministry, and I am looking forward to spending time with our upperclassmen and getting to know our incoming middle schoolers. If you have never been a part of our youth program and would like to get involved, there's no better time than now to grab a calendar, follow us on social media, and join right in!

OUR YOUNG MEN DID A FANTASTIC JOBleading our worship service this past Sunday morning. It always makes a youth minister proud to see young men who were a part of the youth group growing up continuing to serve and lead the church in the future. Matthew and Cissy do a great job with the YAMs and I am proud of the many great young people we have involved here in Centerville.

FIX THE CABINET. MOW THE LAWN. CLEAN THE HOUSE.It seems as if there's a growing list of things to always do around the house. Our responsibilities as Christians can sometimes feel the same way: Read the Bible. Attend services. Serve others. When following Jesus is viewed in this way, however, our closeness with him can get lost. Jesus calls us to a relationship as well as to responsibility. When you spend time with God, is it to merely check off your daily to-do list? Or do you submit yourself to God in order to be taught by him so that you can live like Him? I challenge you this week to make sure you spend time with our Heavenly Father daily (Mark 3:13-15). Have a great week!

In Him, Carter

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