Our congregation was founded in 1870, during the Reconstruction Era of the Civil War. Many people began moving to Hickman County during this time, which brought about an increased desire to study and hear God’s Word. Our congregation began as many did during that time, as a collection of Christians living in Centerville began meeting in their homes for worship. In 1873, the original church building was built on the corner of Church Street and College, right off of the town square. From humble beginnings, through faithfulness and commitment to serving the Lord,  our congregation has been blessed to have grown throughout the years.




Since its founding and early development in the late 1800s, our congregation has seen tremendous growth, all due to the rich blessings of our Heavenly Father. Throughout the 1900s the Centerville Church of Christ has grown in a variety of ways including the purchase, construction, and later expansions and renovations of our current buildings and facilities, the construction of Camp Meribah and Tulipwood, the support of numerous works and mission points, and the continued steady growth of our congregation both spiritually and in number.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, our congregation has continued our commitment to faithful service and expansion of the Kingdom, both locally and abroad. Our church family is blessed to be able to build off of a rich 150+ year history of faithfulness and service to the Lord. It is our goal to honor the heritage of faithfulness our congregation has seen throughout the years, while also looking forward to new areas of growth and expansion in the years ahead.