Our congregation has many different ministries that we use to help propel the mission of our congregation to spread the Good News of Jesus, as well as build and grow disciples. It is the purpose of these ministries to provide opportunities for evangelism, outreach, encouragement and growth for both members and our congregation as a whole.



    Our Young Adult Ministry (YAM) was developed to focus on the spiritual growth and continued involvement of high school and college graduates as they transition into adulthood. The work of this ministry includes Sunday morning and Wednesday evening bible studies, small group meetings, annual retreats, trips and other activities.
    The ministry supports the youth ministry program as members interact with the youth of our congregation and community, providing instructors in bible classes, counselors and support staff during the teen week at Summer Camp at Camp Meribah along with other types of support.


    Our technology ministry exists to help our members and guests learn, grow and participate with our congregation in a digital or online way. We provide a wide variety of services that strive to make the most of the efforts of our congregation to teach and spread the Gospel.

    The members of our technology ministry is a collection of people, both young and old, working together to help serve people in the digital world.



    Our congregation has an extensive benevolence ministry, focused on giving and serving both our church family and members of our community. Our benevolence ministry is overseen by Shane Willis, our operations minister and elder.

    Benevolence is our way of providing opportunities to support those who are in need of financial support or other areas of assistance.


    Our women’s ministry’s goal is to both utilize and involve the women and ladies of our church family. Our women’s ministry involved many different individual functions, including the Centered Sisters; WINGS (Women In God’s Service) Bible study group; preparation of food for congregational meals, funeral services and new mothers returning from the hospital; bridal showers; and baby showers.


    Our congregation has a deep desire to carry out the gospel message not only locally but also to other parts of the world. The Centerville Church of Christ has a rich history of supporting various works to help further the cause of Christ both nationally and internationally. It is our desire to do the Lord’s work by preaching, planning mission trips, establishing congregations, funding missionaries and using technology to help reach the lost. Along with oversight from our eldership, the mission committee plans, coordinates and works with many mission works around the world.


    Our congregation is dedicated to serving young people and their families. Our youth program provides a wide variety of activities for children of all ages with the purpose of helping students grow mentally, physically, spiritually and socially, just as the Bible teaches that Jesus grew in Luke 2:52. It is our intent to help young people and families feel encouraged and equipped to live a life faithfully serving the Lord.


    A part of our church family since 1977, Tulipwood is an apartment complex designed especially for persons who may be elderly or handicapped. It was constructed with the assistance of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Tulipwood is overseen by a board of directors and operates under its own budget. Our congregation also provides opportunities for Tulipwood residents to attend services through our bus ministry, as well as the delivery of communion supplies to Tulipwood for members who watch online.


    Our Nursing Home Ministry exists to help serve both members and non-members living in our local nursing homes. Members of the nursing home ministry regularly conduct services and provide communion for residents of the nursing home. This ministry also provides an excellent outreach opportunity to the young men of our congregation. Many of our young men preach their first sermon or lead their first song as part of our nursing home ministry.


    The Davis House is a non-profit organization that our congregation supports by providing the use of one of the buildings on our campus at the cost of $1 per year. The purpose of Davis House Child Advocacy Center is to combat child abuse by coordinating services to children and their families in crisis and providing community education focused on prevention and early intervention. Services provided are forensic interviews, child and family advocacy, counseling, court support and more. Davis House works with families who are referred from the Department of Children Services, law enforcement, and/or the justice system.