Our congregation has a deep desire to carry out the gospel message not only locally, but also to other parts of the world. The Centerville Church of Christ has a rich history of supporting various works to help further the cause of Christ both nationally and internationally. It is our desire to do the Lord’s work by preaching, planning mission trips, establishing congregations, funding missionaries and using technology to help reach the lost both locally and abroad. The mission committee, along with oversight from our eldership, plans, coordinates and works with many mission works around the world.

If you would like more information or would like to contribute to these areas of work, contact the church office.


Our congregation has supported the work of John Smith and Western US Missions for many years. John and his wife, Vicky, are members of our congregation and have a deep passion for missionary efforts in the Western Parts of the country. John, a native of Texas, spends weeks each year traveling through the Western US (often with his horses & mules) speaking, teaching, and encouraging congregations in sparsely populated areas. John also helps to coordinate Mission Trips to congregations in the Western US for our church family to conduct Vacation Bible School and Gospel Meetings.

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The Centerville Church of Christ has been involved with the church in the Turks & Caicos Islands since 1985. The work in Turks & Caicos began through a Bible Correspondence Course started by our congregation, which led to several individuals desiring to be baptized and the establishment of the Lord’s Church. Over many years, our congregation has worked to help the Church in Turks and Caicos through numerous mission trips, the purchasing of a bus and church building, helping to fund the work of a minister, and ultimately, helping them to become a self-supporting congregation.

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Our congregation supports the spreading of the Gospel to churches throughout the continent of Africa. Specifically, our congregation supports the work of the Mbuya Church of Christ in Kampala, Uganda, as well as other churches located in Uganda and Tanzania. The majority of our support in Africa is through monetary donations, but our congregation has also supported the work in Africa by sending Bibles and songbooks to churches there, as well as helping to support the growth of churches in smaller villages in Uganda.

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The Centerville Church of Christ has helped begin new congregations in

Turks & Caicos Islands

Highland, Illinois

Farmville, Virginia

Anderson, South Carolina

Cervignano, Italy

Support has been provided, and continues with some, for mission efforts in