Our Technology Ministry exists to help our members and guests learn, grow, and participate with our congregation in a digital or online way. We provide a wide variety of services that strive to make the most of the efforts of our congregation to teach and spread the Gospel. The members of our Technology Ministry is a collection of people, both young and old, working together to help serve people in the digital world. If you would like more information about our technology services, please contact the church office.



    Our congregation has been live-streaming our worship services since 2012. Our live stream can be viewed on our church website or via Facebook and achieves over 100 viewers for each service. The services are aired by a crew of men who serve in a monthly rotation. This is one of our fastest-growing ministries, as many young people are interested in how our congregation spreads the Message online throughout the world.


    Our services are not only aired live but also archived in video and audio formats for members and guests to use later. These archives can be reached and downloaded through our website, but we also provide recordings of our services in CD or DVD formats to help those who do not have internet services. To request a copy of a worship service, contact the church office.


    Our congregation has been broadcasting our worship services live over the local radio station since 1959. Services are broadcast over the airwaves at WNKX 96.7FM and can also be heard by downloading the Kix 97 radio app on your smartphone.


    In order to serve those who are hard of hearing, our congregation provides personal listening devices that are paired directly with our sound system in the auditorium. These devices, along with single-use headphones, can be picked up outside of the auditorium from the designated areas.


    Thanks to the hard work of Ward Mayberry, our congregation is able to offer an audio reading of the entire Old and New Testaments. Ward, who is known for his deep and booming voice, narrates the entire Bible in a chapter by chapter format. If you would like a copy of this reading, please contact the church office.


    The members of our Technology Ministry are always happy to assist those who are having issues with technology. From issues live streaming services to general technology questions, the members of the Technology Ministry are happy to serve. To request specific technical support, complete the request box located on this page.