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February 21, 2024
Volume XXXXIV –Number 8

Sunday was a very unique day in the history of the Centerville Church of Christ. If you were here, you probably noticed something was different. We had a combined worship service with our brothers and sisters in India through amazing technology. I want to thank our crew that worked so hard to make sure this was possible for us to do. Although the circumstances were a little different, we still, along with Dr Mani and the congregation in India, worshipped our God in spirit and in truth. A little may have been lost in translation here and there, (I knew nothing they said) but none the less it was uplifting to us and to them. Dr. Mani sent this message afterward: “What a blessing y’all are to our lives and work here. Over 600 gathered here to worship with the family in Centerville”.

I was moved to hear them sing hymns in their language and found it especially moving to partake of the Lord’s Supper with them. I hope that we never take for granted the freedom to worship God. We are blessed beyond measure to live in a country that has given us this freedom. I feel like they understand more so than many in this country the courage it took the first century Christians as they gathered to worship and faced possible persecution and even death for doing so. Our Christian brethren in India do face real persecution when converting from Hindu to following Jesus Christ.

Were there some glitches with trying to combine with them across the world, sure! Though you may have noticed a few, I can assure you that God was pleased with our efforts and our/their worship was a sweetsmelling aroma to Him. Please keep Dr. Mani and the people of India in your prayers as they go about trying to teach Jesus the Savior to a lost and dying world. Keep praying that we here in this place will work even harder in trying to teach Jesus to a lost and dying world! It’s worth it and He is worth it!

God Bless -Todd

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